It's no secret that dab pens are becoming more and more popular because of their small size and ability to be used as key chains. The BeeBox PRO and AeroBee 510 digital cart batteries, on the other hand, are concealers that display battery information and allow temperature management at the same time. There's also the Phantom Signature, which is a two-in-one wax and oil battery with twice the battery capacity and a sleeker design than the standard Phantom.

Dab pens and batteries

Dab pens will need larger batteries if they are to be used with anything other than slim wax tanks. HoneyStick has done it using the Stinger, Defender, and Speeder batteries. Digital temperature control is available for Speeder and Defender batteries, however, the Speeder box mod vape is a little more complicated.

Power difference

The Stinger battery isn't as powerful, but it still offers three temperature settings and a reasonable capacity. Aficionado tanks and above demand more power, so one of these three more powerful types will be required. Dab carts with bigger bowls, such as the ceramic plate and twin quartz rod, are examples of these tanks. In addition, the Stinger Ceramic Donut Coil Wax Atomizer works well with these batteries, however, it should not be used at more than 12 watts at any given time. The Defender dab pen battery can run slim vape cartridges via a build-in Ego connector. It is a more adjustable, high-power vape battery.

Pair your vape battery with a wax tank

The Highbrid Dual Coil Quartz Wax/Dab Vape Tank is extremely popular, has a wide bowl, and gives fantastic taste while delivering a lot of power. If you're looking for a pocket-sized vaporizer, this is it. There will be a need for the Defender/Sport versions in order to run these successfully and safely. In the event that all this knowledge was too much for you to digest, there are a number of ready-to-use kits available, including the Plasma GQ, Stinger Wax/Dab Vaporizer Starter, and Rip & Ditch Disposable Dab Pen. If you are building your own wax vape kit, you can choose any 510 thread battery powerful enough to pair with your wax tank of choice. 

Dab pen kits

The Speeder Extreme Wax Vaporizer Kit, which includes tanks, coils, and mouthpieces, is also available for those who want to go all-out. For wax atomizers, the Ripper 2.0 is an excellent choice with large output, but it was not discussed here because it is not 510 compatible. This atomizer can hold a lot of wax dabs and provide huge hits.