Finally, a small and compact vape pen which will fit all 510 vape cartridges. Any prefilled CBD or THC essential oil 510 cartridges or refillable carts – any cart up to 12mm in diameter will just drop in the Beekeeper and work. See a more detailed review of HoneyStick Beekeeper.

HoneyStick Beekeeper Vape Pen for 510 Thread Cartridges

Upgraded Beekeeper 2.0 – 2 colors, more power, more usability

The new upgraded HoneyStick 2.0 came with wider 12mm cartridge lots able to handle all types of prefilled 510 CBD oil cartridges you can get in dispensary or vape shop. Super convenient push-button action will fire any vape tank. One of many oil vape pens sold by Honeystick for vaping oil or eliquid of any kind.

HoneyStick Beekeeper Oil Vape Mod

BeeKeeper Multi-Color Limited Edition Oil Vaporizer

The multicolor Beekeeper 2.0 is this limited-edition Mod style vape pen model with the ultra-wide bore opening, proprietary magnet design, and improved electronics. It is the best and stylish way to vape 510 thread cartridges and your own oil fixes – super-exclusive update to the original beekeeper.

Beekeeper Multi-Color Limited Edition Vape Pen

What’s in the box?

1 X BeeKeeper 2.0 20W Vape Mod with 650mAh battery
1 X 0.5ml Refillable Oil Vape Cartridge

1 X Upgraded, 12mm Wide Magnetic Connector
1 X Micro USB Charging Cable