The Phantom 2-in-1 mini vaporizer for CBD Oils and Wax.

The best discrete luxury vaporizer in the game. This mini vape mod is the first 2 in 1 unit that performs both functions perfectly. For concentrates it has a dual quartz rod heater with a ceramic bowl and upper mesh guard...... what does this amount to??? silky smoothness and big rig power. For Oils, it has a premium glass tank that is fillable with stainless mouthpiece and large inlet holes for maximum absorption and big rips. Check out Honeystick Phantom How To’s and Troubleshooting post, to help you get the best out of this amazing squeeze box vaporizer.

Most Affordable & Value-Packed Wax Vape Pen Kit

The best dab pen which is priced low and provides great value as a kit is the Aficioniado Dab / Wax Vape Pen Kit. This kit provides you with everything you need to start vaping dabs, wax, and many other types of concentrates. To learn more about the Aficionado Dab Pen, visit the product page of watch the short video below:

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