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Maximum Vapor without the Flame, Odor, Ash and Second-Hand Smoke.

Drop your cigarette and pick up maximum vapor with VaporMax's breakthrough technology. Forget flame, odor, ash, and secondhand smoke. With handwork and dedication, our team brings you the most advanced vaporizer sweeping the globe today. Not only will you notice VaporMax’s unparalleled battery and charging safety, it’s battery life will be able to keep up with your busy life. VaporMax is our way of showing you that we’re listening. Together we are building a better future!


VaporMax® Technology advances the world of vaporizing to the point of ease.  Perfecting the balance between resistance, voltage, and a slew of other nano-factors that go into a great vape, VaporMax® seamlessly creates an optimized marriage between the battery and tank.  This provides accentuated taste and maximum vapor through atomization of e-liquid, rather than through combustion and burning, leaving you satisfied and without the flame, odor, ash, and second-hand smoke found in traditional smoking products.